Events from 2015

Presentation of the book and photo album in German


On Wednesday, March 18th 2015 at 05:00 p.m., the “Memorialul Revoluţiei din Timişoara” Association in collaboration with the German Cultural Centre of Timişoara launched two books prepared in German.

The first publication was the photo album,titled ““Timişoara, oraşul libertăţii româneşti “[Timişoara, City of the Romanian Freedom][Temeswar, die Stadt der rumänischen Freiheit]signed by Archit. Mihai Botescu from Timişoara, one of the founding members of the „Memorialul Revoluţiei” Association and one of the most representative architects of our city.

In this 200-page album, the author has managed to exquisitely capture the most beautiful buildings and squares of Timişoara, the first Romanian revolutionary city, as well as the 12 monuments built in the memory of the Romanian Revolution of 1989 and at the exact locations where the demonstrators had been shot.
The album has been prepared in three languages (Romanian, English and German), so that the foreign visitors coming to our city and to our Museum be able to access valuable information about Timişoara.
The second book we presented to the wide public was the German edition of the scientific and information journal of our Association, the “Memorial 1989”. This journal contains a selection of the most important studies and articles focused on the Romanian Revolution and the communist regime as well as a series of very interesting papers signed by German historians and journalists, out of the 14 journals we have printed until now.

The event started with the welcome speeches delivered by the Consul of the German Federal Republic in Timişoara, Mr. Rolf Maruhn, and the Chairman of the „Memorialul Revoluţiei” Association, Mr. Traian Orban.

We render below some of the thoughts of the German Consul in Timişoara, who has always stood by us and supported most of our projects: “I am pleased to see that the publications have been released in German, as this is an important step to bring the history of the Revolution of 1989 closer to the German speakers. . I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation to both the chairman and the team of the „Memorialul Revoluţiei” Association as well as to all those who have actively contributed to the success of these two important projects, for their valuable involvement and, at the same time, to congratulate them for this priceless outcome.”

The two books in German have been presented by Prof. Eleonora Ringler-Pascu, PhD., President of the Romanian-German Cultural Society, and by Mr. Werner Kremm, a well-known journalist and writer from Timişoara.

Editorial publications can be purchased by those interested in our headquarters on Oituz Street no. 2B (near the Faculty of Arts).

Adevărul traversează întristat timpul


December editorials at the Revolution Memorial


On Tuesday, December 15th 2015, 12:00 p.m., at the same time with the launch of the latest publications, the „Memorialul Revoluţiei din Timişoara” Association inaugurated its programme of events dedicated to the commemoration of the Revolution of 1989 at Writers’ Union – the “Orizont” Hall.

The two books available to the wide public have distinguished themselves by their intriguing titles: Images of soldiers and victims of the Revolution from Timişoara Controversial aspects on the involvement of the Army in repressing the protest movements and Pioneers and UTC representatives against Ceauşescu. December ’89 in Timişoara. ]. The first book is signed by Mr. Lucian-Vasile Szabo, journalist and writer. The author of the second book Mr. Dumitru Tomoni, a remarkable professor and historian. Both authors are close collaborators of our Association.
In his documentary book, Mr. Lucian-Vasile Szabo relied on „statements, logs and journals prepared by no other than the persons involved in the repression, namely the representatives of the Ministry of National Defence (M.Ap.N.), as well as on different statements and findings of prosecutors and law courts”. [pe] The author’s efforts highlighted „a maximum documentary and scientific rigour”, using for this purpose, „numerous references to the sources he used”. In the same book we find „a panorama of the ways to express the religious feeling in the Revolution of Timişoara”, „a theme that has been seldom approached by the scientific researches, many controversial aspects being present here, too”, the author warns us.

In his Foreword, Dumitru Tomoni states that „this literary approach could be also considered an homage brought to those who gave their lives for our freedom, a sign of gratitude for those who suffered then deeply and an urge for never-ending praise for all the generations of students and teachers who live in freedom”. A special place in in this book is given to the students who had been shot during the events of December 1989: Claudiu Vărcuş, Constantin Iosub, Luminiţa-Florina Boţoc, Eugen-Francisc Nagy, Monica-Gabriela Tako, Silviu-Sebastian Iordan and Laura-Andreea Negruţiu. They are our youngest Heroes towards whom the author and we take a bow.

As in every December, we launched our bi-annual informative and scientific journal, „Memorial 1989”, which has already reached its 16th edition. This journal contains studies and articles centred on the Romanian Revolution as well as a series of reviews and snapshots from our activity.

All these aspects have been highlighted by Mr. Cornel Ungureanu, Chairman of Writers’ Union, Timişoara Branch, Mr. Traian Orban, Chairman of “Memorialul Revoluţiei” Association, Mr. Viorel Marineasa, a remarkable journalist and writer, Mr. Lucian Ionică, prestigious writer and filmmaker and, of course, the authors themselves.

The three editorials can be purchased by those interested in our headquarters on Oituz Street no. 2B (near the Faculty of Arts).