Reason for an on- and offline publishing house


Why our own publishing house? This came as a natural consequence of the fact that over the years, a team of just a few people managed to successfully complete a huge publishing work, and because it was more than obvious that we really wanted the books we have prepared be brought out by a publisher bearing our name, i.e. “Memorialul Revoluţiei 1989” Publishing House.

Even if at the beginning of our existence as an association, editing and printing specialty literature were not among our goals, as we were finishing several studies of oral history and supplementing our photo and audio-video archives, by collecting large amounts of data and information in our Centre of Documentation, Research and Public Information on the Romanian Revolution of December 1989, we realized that these truths must be known and published at the national and international levels.

The first steps we took in this regard were shy and hesitating. Although most of our efforts were focused on the restoration, refurbishment and fitting out of our head office located in Timişoara, Str. E. Ungureanu, we managed to prepare several presentation printouts and brochures emphasizing the Revolution moments. In 2000 we have released our first book, the photo album titled Atunci ne-am mântuit de frică. Timişoara – Decembrie 1989 [It Was Then When We Swept Aside the Fear. Timişoara – December 1989] followed, one year later, by Întrebări cu şi fără răspuns [Answered and Unanswered Questions], a book that incorporates the papers and studies of those who attended the international symposium commemorating one decade since the Romanian Revolution of December 1989.

We have started our publishing activity with the transcription of the audio tapes recorded over the Timişoara Trial and made available to us by Radio Timişoara through the courtesy of Dir. Mihai Anghel, who attended the trial. The result of this chronological and thoroughly reviewed activity materialized in over 5300 pages that have been printed later on. In 2004 we published the first two books focused on the hearing of the 21 defendants – Securitate and Miliţia officers. During the subsequent two years, 2005 and 2006, we managed to bring up the following two volumes that comprise the hearings of the witnesses the four accused officials.

In 2007, once with the release of the 5th volume that brings to life numerous accounts on the Revolution, the repression and the dead from Timişoara, we launched a new publishing project: “Memorial 1989”, a scientific and information bulletin. Two issues of this bulletin have been printed during the same year.

One year later, in 2008, we published the 6th volume of the Timişoara Trial (that brings out the hearings of different witnesses in respect to the Revolution and the dead of Timişoara) and the 3rd issue of our bulletin. The 7th volume of the Timişoara Trial, published in 2008, ends the series of the witnesses’ accounts heard in court.

In 2009 several books were brought out: the bilingual photo album 20 de ani de la Revoluţie: 1989-2009 [20 Years since the Revolution: 1989-2009], in 2 versions: Romanian – German and Romanian – English; a catalogue of drawings made by children and inspired by the Revolution of December 1989 and a brochure outlining the monuments dedicated to the Martyr-Heroes.

The series Documente ’89 [Documents of 89] began with the 8th volume of the Timişoara Trial which reveals the conclusions on the merits of the case and the defendants’ final pleas. The series continued with an article Jurnalişti, eroi, terorişti… Revoluţia de la Timişoara în presa locală [Journalists, Heroes, Terrorists… The Revolution of Timişoara in the Local Press] coordinated by the journalist Lucian-Vasile Szabo, who summed up the reviews of the local newspapers.

During the same anniversary year, 2009, we published the 4th and the 5th issues of our scientific and information bulletin, “Memorial 2009”.

In the meantime, we have regularly printed a series of maps in Romanian and English versions, which clearly mark the areas where the 12 monuments dedicated to the Romanian Revolution have been erected.

Aiming to support the historians, the journalists, the political experts and all those who show a vivid interest in our recent history, in the spring of 2010 our team managed to release 4 volumes under the close supervision of Mr. Gino Rado, the editor-in-chief: Panică la Cotroceni [Panic at Cotroceni], O Revoluţie, un Memorial… [A Revolution, A Memorial…], an anniversary issue După 20 de ani… [After 20 Years…] of our scientific and information bulletin and the last volume of the Timişoara Trial, which was in fact a synthesis of the previous 8 books. The second half of 2010 hosted the release of several interesting books: Atentat împotriva Revoluţiei Române [An Attempt on the Romanian Revolution] and Mass-media, represiune şi libertate [Mass-Media, Repression and Freedom], authored by Lucian-Vasile Szabo, followed by the first volume of the Trial of Nicu Ceauşescu and the 7th issue of “Memorial 1989”.

Panică la Cotroceni [Panic at Cotroceni], a book also coordinated by Lucian-Vasile Szabo, who selected the representative articles signed by the late George Şerban, the author and the initiator of this programmatic document, was launched in March, on the eve of the Proclamation from Timişoara anniversary.

O Revoluţie, un Memorial… [A Revolution, A Memorial…], signed by Lucian-Vasile Szabo, is in fact a collection of memories and accounts on this crucial event of our recent history, highlight subsidiarily the evolution of the “Memorialul Revoluţiei din Decembrie 1989” Association

Since 2011 we have our own publishing house which brought out, under its name, a series of priceless very exciting publications: the 8th and the 9th issues of “Memorial 1989”, the second volume of the Trial of Nicu Ceauşescu, Decembrie, stare de urgenţă [December, State of Emergency], a book that reveals the echoes of the post-revolutionary local and central press and that has been coordinated by Lucian-Vasile Szabo, Lugoj, Decembrie 1989 [Lugoj, December 1989], which is the result of the close collaboration between the historian Dumitru Tomoni and vice-president of “Memorialul Revoluţiei” Association, Mr. Gino Rado and, last but not least, Candelă împotriva timpului [A Candle Against Time], authored by Titus Suciu and Vasile Bogdan. This last book is based on the homonymous film directed by Vasile Bogdan and produced in the Romanian Television Studio from Timişoara. The book comes with a DVD comprising the 8 episodes of this documentary film.

2011 is the same year that fostered two important events: the release of Victimele Revoluţiei. Timişoara – 1989 [Victims of the Revolution. Timişoara – 1989], a book supervised by Romeo Bălan, former chief military prosecutor and deputy prosecutor with the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Timişoara, and the launch of Incursiune în istoricul instituţiilor participante la reprimarea Revoluţiei Române din 1989. Timişoara – Decembrie 1989” [A Brief Journey into the History of the Institutions Actively Involved in Repressing the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Timişoara – December 1989], a volume prepared by Gino Rado, as editor.

Due to our movement to a new “home”, an event that brought about other priorities and difficulties we had to deal with, 2012 was a year crowned by not so many events and book launches as the previous years, but in spite of this, we managed to prepare the 10th issue of “Memorial 1989” which has been launched during the following year together with the 11th and the 12th issues. A novelty for our publishing house was the release of the first English version of our bulletin which comprised a selection of the most important and interesting articles and studies published in the previous issues.

In the same year, 2013, we also brought out two other volumes: Sindromul Timişoara: adevăr şi imaginar. Strategii de comunicare mediatică într-o realitate explozivă [The Timişoara Syndrome: Truth and Imaginary. Mass-Media Communication Strategies in an Explosive Reality] a book where Lucian-Vasile Szabo brings to the public’s attention two episodes of the Romanian Revolution which have been highly debated in the Romanian and international mass-media, often with outrageous errors and exaggeration, and Procesul de la Timişoara: audierea în cadrul urmăririi penale a celor 21+4 inculpaţi [Timişoara Trial: the Hearing of the 21+4 Defendants during the Criminal Prosecution Phase], a study coordinated and supervised by Gino Rado, which reveals the unadorned testimonies and confessions given before the prosecutors by those who had been held responsible for the repression from Timisoara.

Using our significant amounts of data and information collected in our priceless database, in 2014 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 by releasing other exciting and highly appreciated books and studies: Revoluţia din 1989 în spitalele timişorene [Revolution of 1989 in the Timişoara’s Hospitals], authored by Lucian-Vasile Szabo; Enciclopedia Revoluţiei din Timişoara 1989: vol. I – Cronologia şi victimele Revoluţiei [An Encyclopaedia of the Revolution of Timişoara of 1989 – vol. 1: Revolution’s Chronology and Victims], coordinated by Lucian Ionică and vol. 2: Documente ale Revoluţiei [The Revolution Documents] authored by Romeo Bălan and Gino Rado; the photo album prepared by Arch. Mihai Botescu under the title: Timişoara, oraşul libertăţii româneşti [Timişoara, the City of the Romanian Freedom] in Romanian, German and English versions; the 13th and the 14th issued of our scientific and information bulletin and, as we have previously promised, a German version of this bulletin.

In 2015 we have continued the series of our bulletins with the 15th and the 16th issued, celebrating thus the 25th anniversary of the “Memorialul Revoluţiei” Association. It’s worth mentioning here our latest releases: Imaginea militarilor şi a victimelor în Revoluţia de la Timişoara. Aspecte controversate cu privire la implicarea Armatei în reprimarea mişcării de protest [Image of Soldiers and Victims of the Revolution from Timişoara. Controversial Aspects on the Involvement of the Army in Repressing the Protest Movements], a book authored by Lucian Vasile-Szabo and Pionieri şi utecişti împotriva lui Ceauşescu. Decembrie ’89 în Timişoara [Pioneers and UTC representatives against Ceauşescu. December ’89 in Timişoara] signed by Dumitru Tomoni, both books being launched on December 15th 2015 at the “Orizont” Hall of the Romanian Writers’ Union, Timiş Branch.


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