Since 2011, when it has been set up, „Memorialul Revoluţiei 1989” Publishing House operates as part of the “Memorialul Revoluţiei 16-22 Decembrie 1989” Association of Timişoara. (http://www.memorialulrevolutiei.ro/).

editura memorialul revolutiei 1989

Simpozionul 25 de ani după revoluție.                Ce am visat? Cum ne-am trezit?

The main purpose for which it has been set up was to promote the documentation and research activities of all those who are using our association’s database.

The main themes are centred on the events that took place both in Romania and in the former Eastern Bloc in 1989, covering also the entire period of the Romanian communist regime.

We are open to publish books and studies signed by all researchers, writers and journalists in the country and abroad who approach our themes of interest.

Why „Memorialul Revoluţiei 1989” Publishing House : editura-memorialulrevolutiei1989.ro/despre-noi/argument/

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